2013-03-01 18:07:10

Haiti’s former leader in court for crimes against humanity

(Vatican Radio) Three Judges are deciding whether Juan Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier will go on trial for alleged crimes against humanity. Declared President for life at nineteen, succeeding his tyrant father Francois "Papa" Doc Duvalier, Jean Claude Baby Doc Duvlaier ruled from 1971 to 1986, when he fled. He returned in 2011, and after a number of attempts officials have finally got him into court.

Last year a judge ruled that Baby Doc could be charged for embezzlement, but that the statute of limitations had run out on crime against humanity. This drew international condemnation and protests, and is now being re-considered.

He is claiming he had no control over power brokers in that system, especially the vicious and all powerful mafia- like paramilitary force his father created- the Tontons Macoutes.
Haiti and the rest of the world is waiting to see.

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