2013-02-13 16:01:44

Indian Cardinal: Pope's decision shows his love for the Church

Vatican Radio) Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay says Pope Benedict's decision to step down expresses very clearly his love for the Church but also his courage to do what no pope has done for such a long time. Speaking to Vatican Radio, the Indian Cardinal described his reactions and thoughts on hearing the surprise announcement of the Pope's resignation.

Listen to the extended interview with Cardinal Oswald Gracias: RealAudioMP3

Like most people, Cardinal Gracias was totally surprised and incredulous when he first heard the news of Pope Benedict's decision to step down on February 28th, saying he thought at first it was "a hoax." He also spoke of his sadness but said the Pope's move "expresses very clearly his love for the Church" and also his humbleness. "All of the Pope's actions," the Cardinal continued, "have been guided by intense personal prayer and his reflections for the good of the Church... and I respect his decision." He also paid tribute to Pope Benedict's "brilliant acumen and his unshakeable faith."

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