2013-02-03 18:36:11

Paraguay Presidential candidate killed in crash

(Vatican Radio) A Paraguyan Presidential Candidate for the forthcoming April Election has been killed in a helicopter crash. Former Head of the Army in Paraguay Lino Cesar Oviedo was returning from a political rally when the helicopter he was travelling in crashed, near Puerto Antequera in central Paraguay. Weather was bad at the time, and visibility poor. It's being investigated by the Prevention of Accidents Department.
Oviedo had been a member of the Colorado ruling party, but split off in 2002 to form his own National Union of Ethical Citizens. He came third in the 2008 Presidential Election which was won by former Bishop Fernando Lugo.
Oviedo served five of a ten year jail term, after being convicted of trying to oust President Juan Carlos Wasmosy. This conviction was overturned by an 8-1 vote by the Supreme Court, following testimony by former officers that there had been no coup attempt back in 1996.
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