2012-11-30 10:14:44

Mexican environmentalist murdered by drug cartel

An environmentalist, who stood up to organized crime in Mexico, has been murdered along with her ten year old son by drug cartel gunmen. Mexican Authorities say that Juventina Villa Mojica and here ten year old son were shot dead by gunmen, in the Southern State of Guerrero. Her seven year old daughter escaped unhurt. They'd become separated from their ten police bodyguards, which provided assassins an opportunity to ambush and murder them. Her husband and two of their other children were shot dead by cartel gunmen last year. Organized crime specifically targeted them, after they tried to prevent drug crop cultivators from felling trees to make room for plantation of marijuana and heroin poppies. Juventina and others had asked authorities to re-locate them, as they'd become targets, but decisive action wasn't taken. An investigation is underway into this latest Drug War tragedy.

Listen to the report by James Blears: RealAudioMP3

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