2012-11-23 13:57:46

Pope receives participants in Church’s Apostleship of the Sea

(Vatican Radio) Pope Benedict XVI met Friday with participants in the Church’s Apostleship of the Sea international congress, bringing the five-day event to a close. The Congress explored various themes pertaining to the New Evangelization as it relates to seafarers and their families. “Since the dawn of Christianity,” the Holy Father said, “the maritime world has been an effective vehicle for evangelization,” for it was by means of sea travel that the Apostles were able to spread the Gospel throughout the world. “Even today the Church sails the seas to bring the Gospel to all nations,” the Pope continued, saying the visits made to docked ships and their crews demonstrate a “visible sign of care towards those who are not able to receive regular pastoral care.” Pope Benedict made special mention of those in the fishing industry and their families, and the challenges they face with regard to the adverse effects of climate change and the overexploitation of resources. “To you fishermen,” he said, “who seek working conditions that are dignified and secure… I wish to assure you of the Church’s closeness.” The Pope called on those present to be faithful apostles in the mission of proclaiming the Gospel, showing people that they are welcomed by the Church. “Help them to find fulfilment,” he said, “and discover their place in the community.” Listen: RealAudioMP3

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