2012-11-11 15:26:06

Remembrance Sunday: Learning lessons for the future

(Vatican Radio) Today marks Remembrance Sunday. It is a day that commemorates those who have given their lives during wars. In London Britain’s Queen Elizabeth laid a wreath at the Cenotaph Memorial to remember the fallen. There were are ceremonies in Paris and Dublin.

“I think its important we reflect on the past so that we can learn for the future”, says Bishop of the British Armed Forces Richard Moth. “Looking at it more personally, it’s right that people remember family members who have died and that a nation remembers its Armed Forces who have died ultimately in defence of peace...”

Speaking to Lydia O’Kane about British soldiers currently in active service in Afghanistan, Bishop Moth says, “ this is a poignant moment, you know, the casualty rates continue, they’ve slowed a little bit recently but they’re still there, people are still losing loved ones and also people are returning from Afghanistan with life changing injuries…” Listen to Lydia O'Kane's interview with Bishop Richard Moth RealAudioMP3

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