2012-10-20 13:00:50

Pope presents Ratzinger Prize for Theology

Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday presided over a ceremony in which the 2012 Ratzinger Prize for Theology was awarded to a pair of winners: the renowned US expert in patristics, Jesuit Fr. Brian Edward Daley of Notre Dame University; and the lay French philosopher and historian of cultural thought Rémi Brague. Listen to our report: RealAudioMP3

In his remarks to the winners and the gathered guests, the Holy Father spoke of the profound and necessary connection between intellectual rigour and lived experience of the reality of God in all truly Catholic theological endeavour. “Father Daley and Professor Brague,” said Pope Benedict, “are exemplary for the transmission of knowledge that unites science and wisdom, scientific rigor and passion for man, so that man might discover the [true] ‘art of living’.” The Holy Father went on to say, “It is of precisely such people who, through an enlightened and lived faith render God credible and close to the man of today, what we have need.”

The Ratzinger Prize for Theology is sponsored by the Joseph Ratzinger Vatican Foundation, which was founded in 2010, with the approval of the Holy Father. Its aim is to “promote the publication, distribution and study of the writings of former university professor Joseph Ratzinger.” The Foundation also provides grants to doctorate students of theology and organizes high-level academic conferences. The activities of the foundation are financed through the publication and sale of Pope Benedict's works.

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