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Blessed John XXIII: remembered by those who knew him

(Vatican Radio) While on the 11th October the Church remembers Blessed John XXIII, best recalled as Good Pope John, the ordinary man who astonished the world, that same date also marks the 50th anniversary of the opening session of the Second Vatican Council.
Veronica Scarisbrick brings you echoes of the pontificate of this twentieth century Pope, sharing with you Vatican Radio archive sound ...
But also the recorded enthusiasm of that era by bringing you some of her archive interviews with guests who witnessed those momentous days in the history of the Catholic Church.
Among them American Cardinal William Wakefield Baum who actively took part in the Council, like the young Joseph Ratzinger as a 'peritus' , as the theologians accompanying the Council Fathers were called:
"..he truly launched something in the Church that has made a great difference and we're still trying I believe to assimilate the Council to all of its' meaning and its' lessons.."
Other guests in this programme include Monsignor Charles Burns, studying at the time for the priesthood at one of the Pontifical Universities, the late Carmelite Father Redemptus Valabek who was in the square when Cardinal Angelo Roncalli was elected as Successor of Peter and the late Ursuline Sister Kathleen England who lived in mission territory at the time.
Also in this programme a special guest from the Roman aristocracy, the late Princess Orietta Doria Pamphilj who put into words the feelings of anyone who ever met Pope John XXIII.
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