2012-10-09 13:04:16

Witnesses to Vatican II: Archbishop Patrick Kelly

(vatican Radio ) As we approach the 50th anniversary of the first session of the Second Vatican Council, which falls this Thursday 11th of October, Veronica Scarisbrick is set to bring you some of the personal testimonies of some of those who were there.
Starting with a young Patrick Kelly,now Archbishop of Liverpool who was present in Saint Peter’s Basilica witnessing on many an occasion the discussions of the Council Fathers.
He shares with Veronica Scarisbrick his memories of that epoch and in a special way of that document on Revelation, gone down in history with the Latin title of ‘Dei Verbum’.
It was the 18th of November 1965 and in Saint Peter's Basilica the Second Vatican Council was drawing to a close when during its penultimate session Pope Paul VI promulgated the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation.
Listen to Vatican Radio archive sound of Pope Paul VI speaking in Latin on that occasion, as well as Archbishop Kelly's personal strong memories of that event.

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