2012-10-05 09:07:05

Venezuelan presidential race underway

(Vatican Radio) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is trying to gain a third six year term to widen his socialist self styled Bolivian Revolution, but this time he's up against a tough and determined opponent.
Henrique Capriles, the opposition Candidate who's drawn together the strands of more than 30 oppostion groups, held a huge rally the other day in Caracas, which drew a crowd of tens of thousands. Hugo Chavez also attracted a massive crowd in the Capitol to conclude his campaign. He's calling for a red avalanche of supporters clad in his trademark red clothing to turn out to vote. Meanwhile, Capriles has wrapped up a vigorous and energetic campaign in the West.
Chavez who's been in power since 1999, wants six years more to impliment more socialist policies. Capriles is saying it's high time for change.
Ninteen million Venezuelans are eligible to vote. According to polls, more than eleven percent have yet to decide which of the two they'll vote for. A political fighter and a cancer survivor, Chavez says he's defeated the illness. The health issue will be a factor, but no one yet knows to what extent it'll be reflected in Sunday's exit polls. Liisten to this report by James Blears RealAudioMP3

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