2012-10-02 13:18:11

Ban Ki-moon condemns chemical weapons in Syria

(Vatican Radio) The UN Secretary General expresses his concern over remarks made by the Syrian government with regard to weapons of mass destruction, while government and rebel forces continue to fight for control over the country’s largest city.

Fires which destroyed an historic market have spread to other areas of Aleppo as rebels and government forces fight for control of Syria's largest city. Rebel forces last week announced a fresh attempt to seize the wider city which until July remained firmly under the control of President Bashar al-Assad’s army.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary General told reporters that he had grace concern about remarks made by Syrian government representatives with regard to the existence of chemical weapons and their potential use:

“I once again emphasize,” said Ban Ki-moon, “the fundamental responsibility of the Syrian government to ensure the safety and security of any such stockpiles. The use of such weapons would be an outrageous crime with dire consequences.”

“Chemical weapons simply have no place in the 21st century,” the UN Secretary General continued. “Progress in this vital area will help generate momentum to meet our goal of eliminating all weapons of mass destruction. The time has come.”

To date, around 30,000 people have died over the 18 month civil war between Bashar al-Assad and rebel forces.

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