2012-09-08 17:40:38

Paralympic legacy: a Catholic perspective

(Vatican Radio) The London 2012 Paralympic games draw to a close this weekend after an extraordinarily successful 10 days of events that have seen the participation of over four thousand disabled athletes from countries right across the globe.
The games which opened with a spectacular ceremony on August 29th, have seen the largest participation ever, not only of athletes and coaches in some 20 different sporting disciplines, but they’ve also enjoyed the largest numbers of spectators and most impressive media coverage, reflecting a new interest in the achievements of Paralympian men and women.
But after the closing ceremony on Sunday, as the athletes return home, organisers and others are promising the legacy of the games will continue far into the future. So how much will these Paralympics serve to change attitudes and challenge commonly held prejudices about disability in our modern societies?
Vatican Radio's Philippa Hitchen put that question to James Parker, Catholic coordinator of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games....

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