2012-09-07 17:11:29

Bangkok: BisCom 8 participants developing new communications strategies

(Vatican Radio) The 8th meeting of the Asian Bishops’ Institute for Social Communications, BisCom-8, is underway this week in Bangkok, Thailand. Participants are exploring the theme: Social Media: Surfing, Networking, Blogging, Gaming, Addiction - Challenges and Opportunities for Communication Ministry in Asia. A featured speaker at BisCom 8, Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski is the Director of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives and the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation at the University of Dayton in the US state of Ohio. She is also a former world president of the International Catholic Association for Radio and Televsion, and has served on the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. She told Vatican Radio that the participants are helping the bishops think through the challenges facing them as communicators of the Gospel in the 21st century. “The BisCom bishops are coming together and seriously looking at the new digital culture – or digital civilisation – and [are] trying to come to terms with what that means for communicating faith in the 21st century,” Sr. Angela explained. She said Catholic leaders need to find and develop new communications strategies. “We need to find those new ways to communicate that speak to this new digital age that has led to a different kind of consciousness, a different way of thinking – so that impacts our methodologies, and also the language that we use to communicate.” Listen to Sr. Angela Ann Zukowkski’s extended interview with Vatican Radio: RealAudioMP3

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