2012-05-24 09:05:40

Caritas Jordan: 100,000+ Syrian refugees

Some 115,000 Syrians have fled fighting in their country to seek shelter in neighbouring Jordan and more are arriving every day. The Hashemite Kingdom already hosts some 100,000 Iraqi refugees. Caritas Jordan says some 200-300 Syrians are coming across the border each day, many from the border town of Dar’a and from Homs which has seen some of the worst violence since the uprising began last year.

The Catholic aid agency is working in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, and other charities to distribute clothing, cookware, items for personal hygiene and other products. Caritas also assists the refugees in providing education for children and health care.

Gaby Daw, Project creation and funding coordinator for Caritas Jordan told Vatican Radio that most of the families are Muslim, he says, but that doesn’t stop them from knocking on the doors of churches as well as mosques in search of help. While some Jordanians are frustrated by the added burden the refugees place on their society, many he says, have responded generously by opening their homes to and sharing their food with the refugees.

Listen to Tracey McClure’s interview with Gaby Daw: RealAudioMP3

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