2012-05-12 09:35:10

Lombardi editorial: the tragedy of human trafficking

The trafficking of human beings. Among the tragedies of our world this is one of the most terrible. How can one reach such moral degradation as to consider other people pure objects to be exploited, to reduce them to slavery and systematically abuse them in order to make money? It is a mystery. Every shadow of respect for another’s dignity, every trace of human sensitivity disappears.

It is said that with regard to volume, only the trafficking of arms exceeds that of human beings. And new communication technologies are widely used to advance it at the international level.

So the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace has done well to host a meeting where, before a wide audience of ecclesial organisations, the English Episcopal Conference discussed its experience of working against this terrible scourge—a work it has carried out in collaboration with police and other public authorities, who were also represented at the meeting.

The testimony of a young woman deceptively dragged into prostitution shocked many of those present and confirmed – as in the case of child abuse – that the concrete commitment of those who really want to fight the roots of evil has to begin with a deep personal sharing of the victims’ suffering. The contribution of believers lies in the ability to help rediscover the personal relationships that recognise and restore the presence and dignity of the soul in violated bodies. It is a contribution that even police forces acknowledge as an absolute need, so that their fight can finally achieve its goal of the freedom and rebirth of the victims into new life. Nuns are necessarily in the front line in this charitable work, because they are women and are freer to take on the very high risks of this service. The Church has to offer its experience in humanity and spiritual healing, as well as its international presence, in order to collaborate with those fighting the most difficult battles against evil in the world.

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