2011-12-06 09:19:28

Melodies & Memories Christmas Lists

One of my favorite pastimes in anticipation of Christmas Day is in making out lists to remind myself of the presents I’d like to give, the Christmas cookies I wish to make, and most importantly the people I want to remember during this most sacred season of grace and festivity. No list would be complete without a list of songs and carols to recall the celebrations of Christmases past. I’ve been writing down a Melodies & Memories song list that I hope will accompany you throughout the Christmas holidays.

Of course the best quality in any present, is in its ability to surprise! I cannot therefore divulge all of my secret plans for Melodies & Memories at Christmas this year. I will however tell you of one particular addition to my personal collection of Christmas music which I waited a good long year to have. It is “The Priests” 2010 album “Noel”, which I can promise is nothing less than marvellous! I have the first seven tracks listed for Thursday, December 22nd, so please tune in to 105 live to judge for yourselves.

Another new addition to my Christmas record library which I will anticipate here is Antonella Ruggiero’s 2010 “I regali di natale” that has been another new discovery for me. I have earmarked it for December 23rd. Also here, I will be hard put in deciding which of 2-CD set’s splendid recordings to include, and which to leave behind for a future Melodies & Memories Christmas program. The ingredients of these new additions are the same ones of old Bing Crosby recordings but with different spices.

This evening I am studying my Christmas cookie recipes in the hope of making a sumptuous plate of them for the 105 Live studio. I’ll have to decide whether to include my old and tested favorites, or to attempt making something new. One of my disastrous forays into unknown recipes was of Christmas biscuits that remained unleavened; an experience I care not to repeat. Still, I believe that Christmas is both about learning something new, as it is to revisiting age-old traditions with renewed enthusiasm.

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