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When the relics of Saint Andrew first came to Rome ...

November 30th marks the day the Church remembers Saint Andrew .

In 2006 Benedict XVI travelled to Turkey to coincide with this Feast Day .Shortly before leaving on this Apostolic journey the Pope spoke several times during his weekly general audiences about the figure of this Saint, who as we know was Saint Peter’s brother.

Earlier on in the course of thats same audience, before stresssing the Church of Rome and the Church of Constantinople as Sister Churches , speaking in Italian the Holy Father had emphasized this relationship. Insisting quote : “ my Predecessor to the See of Peter , Pope Paul VI, returned in 1964 the important relic of Saint Andrew, which until then had been kept in the Vatican Basilica, to the Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop of the city of Patras in Greece, where tradition has it that the Apostle was crucified.”

Benedict XVI was referring on that occasion to one chapter among many others surrounding the story of the relics of Saint Andrew .

What Veronica Scarisbrick does in this programme is fill you in on an episode which took place centuries earlier when the relics of Saint Andrew underwent the opposite voyage ….
She does this in a rather unusual manner with our popular “Latin Lover”, Carmelite Father Reginald Foster.

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