2011-11-09 08:27:52

Texas court stays execution

Texas' highest criminal court has postponed the execution of a convicted murderer who contends that new DNA testing could show he's innocent.
49-year-old Hank Skinner was scheduled to be executed on Wednesday for the 1993 murder of his girlfriend and her two sons. But he has just been given more time.
The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Monday put off execution because it is examining how changes in the state law covering DNA testing requests affects cases like his.
The law was passed this year by the Texas State Legislature to improve a defendant’s access to forensic examinations on evidence that has never been tested or tested with the latest technology.
The case has also received international attention, since Skinner is now married to a French anti-death penalty activist. The French government expressed concern about the planned execution on Friday, and asked the government of Texas to put it off.
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