2011-10-06 16:13:28

Famine or Food Security?

The Australian embassy to the Holy See on Wednesday hosted a conference on the crucial economic, political, social and moral questions connected to food security - how can we sustainably increase food production in the face of our planet's dwindling supplies of water, oil, fossil fuels, agricultural lands and other natural resources.
Australian journalist Julian Cribb, author of a book entitled 'The Coming Famine', highlighted some of the alarming scenarios as governments attempt to feed an ever increasing global population. But his message is not all about gloom and doom – he believes that if we wake up to the urgent challenges and develop a more equitable vision, there are many creative ways of responding to the demand for food that is expected to double over the next half century.
Philippa Hitchen spoke to Cribb and to Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences who addressed the conference on our moral responsibilites to ensure a just distribution of the gifts of Creation.....
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