2011-10-04 12:55:05

Religion is not meant to be gloomy

Faith should lead to joy and religion is not meant to be gloomy. That’s the uplifting message a prize-winning Jesuit author is seeking to convey in a new book that was published this week called “Between Heaven and Mirth.” Written by Father James Martin who’s the Culture Editor at America Magazine in the U.S., the book is intended to remind people that "Christ is risen, which is a joyful message and Christians should be joyful believers."

Interviewed by Susy Hodges, Father Martin told her that in this book he is trying "to overturn the stereotype that saints were gloomy and dour and that Jesus was always serious." He says we all need to "learn to laugh at ourselves" and "find humour in our daily lives." "Joy," he says, "is a great sign of God's presence" and he also quotes from Pope Benedict who wrote "I believe that God has a great sense of humour........"

Listen to the full interview with Susy Hodges: RealAudioMP3

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