2011-09-21 17:07:01

Papal visit organizer shares his insights

On the eve of Pope Benedict's arrival in Germany, the man responsible for organising the papal visit in his homeland, Father Hans Langendörfer, SJ, tells Veronica Scarisbrick it was a difficult task, given the three very different locations the Pope will travel to inside Germany.

Asked about his hopes for this visit, Father Langendörfer says in addition to the political side as it's a state visit, the trip has "a huge spiritual and religious part" and says the Pope will "address the importance of religious faith to mankind."

Father Langendörfer says he trusts "there will be some interesting messages to the public and political arena as well as to believers" ... both Catholic and Protestant.

Listen to the interview by Veronica Scarisbrick with Papal trip organizer, Father Hans Langendörfer, Secretary of the German Bishops' Conference: RealAudioMP3

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