2011-08-09 13:16:19

Coptic Christian killed in clashes

A security official has confirmed that sectarian clashes have left one Coptic Christian dead and four wounded in southern Egypt. The violence yesterday in Minya province, south of Cairo, began after a Muslim motorist hit a young Christian.

That sparked clashes between the families of the two men, with both sides hurling stones and exchanging gunfire.


Advocacy organisation Christian Solidarity Worldwide is calling for clear timeline for delayed elections in Egypt and to allow international observers to monitor the electoral process.

The interim government had previously said elections would be held in September, but now they are being scheduled for either October or November.

Lydia O’Kane spoke CSW’s Advocacy Director, Andrew Johnston about what these elections mean for Christians.

“It’s really important that the Christian community takes an active part. We’re very much trying to support the churches right across the spectrum.”

He also adds that CSW is very concerned that international observers are not being allowed to monitor the electoral process. Listen RealAudioMP3

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