2011-06-10 11:00:10

Africa Drylands Week gets underway

Friday marks the start of the first ever Africa Drylands Week. Over the next 7 days a gathering is being held in Dakar, Senegal to discuss the challenges of desertification, biodiversity loss, and climate change on the continent.

Taking part will be 100 scientists as well as representative from governments and international and civil society organisation from around the world.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation is one of the bodies taking part in the week.

“This week is also the International Year of the Forest, so we want to highlight the relevance especially of forests in dryland areas, “ says Assistant Director of Forestry at FAO, Eduardo Rojas.

He told Lydia O’Kane that little attention is being focused on forests in located drylands which are important livelihoods and climate.

The week runs until the 17th June. Listen RealAudioMP3

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