2011-06-08 12:42:00

Women religious against trafficking in persons

Members of “Talitha Kum” the International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons are gathered in Rome for a coordination meeting. Participants from across the globe are busy drawing up a plan of action for the coming two years, exchanging information and sharing experience in their aim to prevent the trafficking of persons and to assist victims of a growing criminal phenomen.

Linda Bordoni spoke to Talitha Kum coordinator, Sister Estrella Castalone FMA, who not only pointed out the alarming fact that person trafficking is becoming more and more diversified, but on the positive side, said that meetings such as the one organised last month at the American Embassy to the Holy See provide a huge boost in energy and encouragement in the difficult task of fighting an inhumane system set up by powerful crime rings.

First of all however, sister Estrella explained the main objective of the ongoing meeting…

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