2011-05-10 17:18:36

Mega-wildfires linked to global warming

A new report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation has found that a growing number of mega-wildfires may contribute to global warming
The report, presented today at the 5th International Wildland Fire Conference in South Africa, called upon countries to implement more comprehensive fire management strategies and improve the monitoring of carbon emissions that cause global warming.
“It’s true that climate change is one of the driving factors due to the fact that the areas suffering drought are expected to be broad in the geographical scale and the periods of drought maybe more intense”, says Assistant Director General of the Forestry department at FAO, Eduardo Rojas.
The report, entitled ‘Findings and Implications from a Coarse-Scale Global Assessment of Recent Selected Mega-Fires’, studied recent fires in Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Indonesia, Israel, Greece, Russia, and the United States. Listen RealAudioMP3

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