2011-04-25 10:20:04

Praying for Peace in Assisi

It’s not just the Christian world that remembers Pope John Paul as one of the spiritual leaders of the late 20th century. Ever since the first day of Prayer for Peace in Assisi that he called for in October 1986, the Polish Pope has been hailed by believers of many different faiths as a key figure in the effort to promote better interreligious relations.
During that first interfaith prayer gathering, Jesuit Fr Tom Michel was the official in charge of Islam at Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. Since then he’s served as the Jesuit secretary for Interreligious Dialogue and ecumenical secretary for the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences. He has worked and lectured in countries across the world and is currently teaching at a number of Turkish universities – he talked to Philippa Hitchen of his memories of October 27th 1986…..

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