2011-03-12 09:34:11

Fr. Lombardi editorial: Jesus and the Pope

This week the second volume of the Pope's great work on Jesus is out in bookstores. Three simple observations: Card. Ouellet, presenting the book was not afraid to say that he considers it a work of "historical" importance in the sense of "a new era theological exegesis." The scholar Joseph Ratzinger, who is also the Pastor of the universal Church, guides us in a competent, thorough reading, and at the same time one that is consistent with the Christian faith and its tradition. It is a new and living synthesis between the historical-critical culture and the faith in which the texts of the Gospels were born and in which they can be understood in the most appropriate way.

Another presenter, Professor. Magris, said that this book is “made for dialogue”. "The figure of Jesus is presented to everyone as God's great answer to the deepest questions of human existence which are true in every age, including those crucial questions on evil, suffering and death. It i san offer, which corresponds to the same sense of Jesus’ mission, which can be accepted or rejected, but is "blood shed for all" and never "against" someone.

Finally, with this book, which goes to the heart of the story and meaning of Jesus' life - the passion and resurrection – one of the Pope’s greatest desires is realised, the culmination of his "long interior journey" in search of the "face of the Lord ", but also his sharing of this with those who want to participate. We know that it took an great effort on the Pope’s part to complete it, despite the many commitments of his daily service. Therefore we are particularly grateful to him. It is a gift for our joy. Contemplating the scene of the Ascension, the volume concludes with these words: "In faith we know that Jesus, holds his hands stretched out in blessing over us. That is the lasting motive of Christian joy. "

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