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March 11, 2011

Marriage and family in Ecumenical Councils - There's nothing the Dean of of Church History at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Jesuit Norman Tanner, doesn't know about Ecumenical Councils . The title of his most recent book, with its bright red dust jacket featuring St Peter's Basilica , to be published on April 21 is a give away in this respect : it's "New Short History of the Catholic Church".That's why when the Faculty of Canon Law at this University, this year's hosts of the 2011 'Dies Academicus' or Academic Day , decided to focus on the theme of marriage and family, Professor Tanner was asked to speak on this issue linking it to the Ecumenical Councils of the Church .
The Prayer Life of John Paul II - Benedict XVI is about to begin his annual spiritual exercises which have as focus this year : "The Light of Christ at the heart of the Church - John Paul II and the theology of saints ". We pick up on this theme and bring you a feature focusing on the prayer life of this Polish Pontiff as witnessed by one of his closest advisors ...
Ad recessum ire - Spiritual exercises in the Vatican began in 1929, the year of the Lateran Pacts. Our popular 'Latin Lover' , Carmelite Father Reginald Foster speaks to us
about the Latin of the Apostolic Constitution: 'Summorum Pontificum' in which Saint Ignatius was proclaimed Patron of Spiritual Exercises. Father Foster claims his students would go crazy over the beginning of a document like this ...

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