2011-02-21 13:04:28

The women of tomorrow

What kind of future do women in the Holy Land want? Sr. Frida Nasser of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition is convinced that for starters, they want peace! She runs the St. Joseph School for some 350 Christian and Muslim girls in Jerusalem. The Bethlehem native says she takes her job extremely seriously because she and her staff are forming the women, and the mothers, of tomorrow.
Instilling in her girls honesty, respect for human dignity and respect for the other for Sr. Frida is just as important as studying Math, languages and science - especially when living in a divided land. The mothers of tomorrow, she implies, will hold the future to peace in their hands.

In an effort to overcome barriers of misunderstanding, she has implemented exchange programs with at least one school in Tel Aviv which gives her girls the opportunity to mix and study with Jewish girls the same age, "in a friendly atmosphere" where "everyone is the same."

She smiles when she recounts how the girls continue to correspond even after going on to upper grades.

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