2011-02-02 15:23:09

Unrest continues in Egypt as calls for Mubarak to resign increase

Clashes broke out between opponents and supporters of President Hosni Mubarak in central Cairo on Wednesday after the amilitary told protesters calling for an end to his rule that they must clear the streets.

The fighting broke out as international pressure grew on Mubarak to quit and his closest ally, the United States, told him that a political transition must begin immediately.

The Director of the Press Office for the Catholic Church in Egypt, Fr. Rafic Greiche told Vatican Radio that the Christians of Egypt share in the aspirations of the whole people.

“Many Catholic youth went to Tahrir square to express their feelings and their hopes,” which, he said, are a peaceful transition to real democracy, with social justice and economic opportunity for all.

Listen to Chris Altieri’s interview with Fr. Rafic Greiche: RealAudioMP3

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