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January 8, 2011

Monks and monks- This story is about monastic life gleaned from a Benedictine monk with a strong sense of spiritual curiosity.One that has drawn him to seek other monks , with totally different beliefs : primarily Buddhists , also Hindus and to a certain extent Jains. Monks then from right across the world , who at a glance recognize in each other that same option for the monastic life , opening wide to each other the doors of their monasteries or ashrams. Unveiling in this way hitherto unknown spiritual realms of learning .Offering hospitality to each other in a world where so often religion is used to justify violence .The monk in question is the Secretary General for monastic interreligious dialogue of the Benedictine Confederation who also works with Cistericans and Trappists. He’s Father William Skudlarek who sat down with Veronica Scarisbrick in our studios here and patiently explained how monastic inter religious dialogue began as a way of bringing together Catholic or Christian monks and nuns with religions that also have a monastic order. A trend Fr William explains which in the past ten years has broadened its approach...
Nairobi slums - We join a Comboni Father in Kenya who makes it his mission in life to help the dwellers of one Nairobi slum step out of misery. He’s Paulino Mondo.
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