2010-12-11 10:06:41

Climate talks continue in Cancun

Global climate talks in Cancun, Mexico, made progress overnight toward a deal to slow global warming. More than 100 environment ministers were stilling working to try to end a dispute between developing countries and Russia, Canada and Japan, which do not want to extend the Kyoto Protocol that curbs emissions in rich countries until 2012, insisting they want an entirely new treaty which would also oblige developing countries like China and India to cut their own emissions.

Many developing nations as well as the European Union, Australia and the United States praised a draft drawn up by host country Mexico on the final day of two-week talks.

The proposed document refers to "a second commitment period" for Kyoto.

However, Nnimmo Bassey, the Chair of Friends of the Earth, says he doubts a legally binding document will come out of the process.

β€œ[Rich countries] do not want commit to a measurable reduction they can be held to account on,” he said. β€œThe whole exercise is really kind of troubling.”

The U.N.-led talks are trying to rebuild trust between rich and poor nations after President Barack Obama and other leaders failed last year to agree a treaty at a summit in Copenhagen.

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