2010-12-06 15:13:57

Sunday ‘Angelus’ of Dec. 5. Pope urges prayers for those suffering

(December 6, 2010) Pope Benedict XVI urged Christians on Sunday to prepare for the birth of Christ by listening to the voice of God, which he says "resounds in the desert of the world through the sacred Scriptures." Addressing those who gathered below his studio window in St. Peter’s Square to pray the midday ‘Angelus’ prayer with him, the Pope reflected on Sunday’s Gospel narration about the precursor of Jesus, St. John the Baptist, saying he is like a star that shines before the rising of the Sun - Christ." The Pontiff urged the faithful to likewise "listen to God's voice, which resounds in the desert of the world through the sacred Scriptures, especially when they are preached with the power of the Holy Spirit." The more faith is illuminated by the Divine Word, the more is it fortified, the Pope said offering Our Lady as a model for listening. "As we contemplate in the Mother of God, a life totally shaped by the word,” the Pope said, “we realize that we too are called to enter into the mystery of faith, whereby Christ comes to dwell in our lives.” Every Christian believer, St. Ambrose reminds us, in some way interiorly conceives and gives birth to the word of God."
After praying the ‘Angelus’, the Holy Father appealed for prayers during Advent season for those who are suffering. "In this Advent season in which we are called to nourish our expectation of the Lord and to welcome him in our midst," the Pontiff said, "I invite you to pray for all the situations of violence, intolerance and suffering that there are in the world, so that the coming of Jesus brings consolation, reconciliation and peace." He mentioned some of the situations around the globe, “such as the continuing attacks in Iraq against Christians and Muslims, the conflicts in Egypt in which there have been deaths and injuries, the victims of traffickers and criminals such as the drama of the Eritrean hostages and the hostages of other nationalities in the desert of Sinai." "The respect for the rights of all is the presupposition of civil coexistence, the Holy Father stressed and said, “Our prayer to the Lord and our solidarity can bring hope to those who are suffering.”

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