2010-11-30 16:23:30

Pray for my new mission, Card Ranjith tells Sri Lankan faithful

(November 30, 2010) Sri Lanka’s new Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith on his return to his homeland on Saturday, called on the faithful to pray for his new mission. Upon arrival, the prelate went straight to Our Lady of Lanka Basilica in Tewatta (Ragawa), for a prayer of remembrance in honour of Sri Lanka’s first Cardinal Thomas Cooray. After a brief ceremony, he blessed more than 3,000 people, Catholics and non-Catholics, who had gathered at the basilica to welcome him. In the basilica, the cardinal called on the faithful to pray that he may be able to accomplish his mission under the guidance of Pope Benedict XVI.
Cardinal Ranjith pledged that he was personally committed to promoting the Church’s work in the world. “The Sri Lanka Catholic Church is only a part of universal Catholic Church. Under the guidance of the Holy Father, I committed myself to serve the Catholic Church and serve God,” he said. Speaking to AsiaNews, many of those who joined the prayer said they were happy about his appointment, which they called “ a blessing for the entire community”

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