2010-11-27 13:08:57

Pope Benedict XVI Meets the New Ambassador of Japan

(November 27, 2010) Since its entry into the United Nations Organisation, Japan has been an important partner at the regional and international level and has contributed significantly to the expansion of peace, democracy and human rights in Far East and beyond, particularly in the developing countries of the world, said Pope Benedict XVI. He was addressing the new Ambassador of Japan, Mr Hidekazu Yamaguchi, on the occasion of the presentation Letters of Credence to the Holy See. The Pope expressed his appreciation of Japan for the funding provided by Japan for development and other forms of assistance in these countries where the Holy See itself has diplomatic missions. Speaking about the seventy-fifth anniversary of the tragic atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Pontiff said how this event strongly reminds us to persevere in efforts to promote non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and for disarmament. At the same time it is important to consider if a portion of funds allocated to arms could be diverted to projects of economic and social development, education and health. The pope also lauded the role Japan played in the economic crisis of the recent past. Expressing his appreciation for the freedom of worship in Japan over the past years, Pope Benedict said that the Catholic Church in Japan has the opportunity to live in peace and brotherhood with everyone, promote its culture and tradition especially through its universities, schools, hospitals and charitable institutions, engage in inter faith dialogue and foster the interest of the entire human family.

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