2010-11-27 13:13:30

Korean Church to pray for peace on the peninsula

(November 27, 2010) In the tense atmosphere that has descended upon the Korean Peninsula, the Church prayed for peace. On Friday morning, the Most Rev Francis Xavier Yu Soo-il, bishop of the Military Ordinariate, visited the funeral chapel where the two soldiers killed in the North Korean attack against Yeonpyeong Island on Tuesday are laying in state. “Their life was great,” the prelate said surrounded by their relatives. “I shall pray God to grant them his mercy and eternal peace for their souls.” During his visit, Bishop Yu urged everyone to pray for peace in the Korea Peninsula, for the families of those killed as well as who were wounded in the attack, including four Catholics. According to South Korea military, the November 23 surprise attack killed two marines and two civilians and injured 13 marines and three civilians. South Korean officials reported that the North fired 200 artillery shells onto Yeonpyeong-do Island setting more than 60 buildings ablaze. The South returned fire with about 80 artillery rounds. North Korea’s artillery attack has damaged the only Catholic Church on Yeonpyeong-do Island. While 80 percent of the residents have since left, the parish priest has opted to stay on the island with those remaining. Two shells fell on the church premises. Windows of the main church building were damaged.

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