2010-11-26 15:51:23

Pope meets men, women heads of religious orders

(November 26, 2010) Fraternal life is a facet that the young are greatly attracted to when thinking of joining consecrated life; and fraternal life is a prophetic element in a society that is strongly individualistic. Pope Benedict XVI made the remark on Friday while addressing participants in the general body meeting of the men’s Union of Superiors General (USG) and the women’s International Union of Superiors General (UISG). The Holy Father reminded the heads religious congregations that an important part of the spiritual animation and management of their orders is the common search for the means to bring about communion, mutual communication, warmth and truth in mutual relations. After stressing the centrality of the Word of God in religious life, the Pope said that fraternal life is one of the features that is greatly sought for by young people intending to join religious life. He said that without discernment accompanied by prayer and reflection, religious life runs the risk of surrendering to the individualistic, consumerist and materialist criteria of this world, which compromise brotherhood and cause religious life to lose its edge and charm.

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