2010-11-25 13:28:47

Member of Pope's Papal Household dies, hit by car

(November 25, 2010) A member of Pope Benedict XVI's Papal Household passed away early Wednesday morning in Rome. The Vatican said that Manuela Camagni, one of the four consecrated women who tend to the pope and care for the papal household, was hit by a car Tuesday and died at the dawn of Wednesday. She was the member of the Memores Domini, a Lay Association established in Milan in 1964 under the guidance of Father Luigi Giussani. The Association follows a call of total devotion to God by living in the world and practicing the evangelical counsels with personal and private commitment as their purpose. She was 56 years, and since May 2005, shortly after the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in the conclave, has been working in the apartment of the Holy Father. On Wednesday morning, when the Pope heard the news of the death of Manuela, he prayed for the repose of her soul during the Mass celebrated with the family in the papal chapel. In a book released Tuesday, Pope Benedict spoke about how important his “papal family” is to him, saying the women and his two private secretaries share meals together and watch DVDs, the moments he said, that were rare times of relaxation. He added: “We celebrate Christmas together, listen to the holiday music and exchange gifts.” He said the group also celebrates feast days and daily Mass together.

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