2010-11-23 15:48:52

World's largest statue of Jesus unveiled in Poland

(November 23, 2010) The world’s largest statue of Jesus has been unveiled in Poland. The 33 metre tall (108-foot) statue of “Christ the King of the Universe” in Swiebodzin was dedicated on the feast of Christ the King, with Cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz, the retired Archbishop of Wroclaw, presiding.
The brain-child of retired priest Fr. Sylwester Zawadzki, the statue ‘s height of 33 metres, symbolizes the 33 years Jesus lived on earth. The Polish statue is 3 metres taller than Brazil’s statue of Christ the Redeemer which stands on a mount overlooking Rio de Janeiro. The three-metre gold crown gracing the 440 tonne Polish statue said to symbolize the 3 years of Christ’s ministry on earth, brings the monument’s overall height to 36 metres. The fibreglass and plaster statue with outstretched arms was financed entirely through donations of parishioners and other advocates of the project.

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