2010-11-23 15:51:41

NewUN report urges measures to ensure affordable health services for all

(November 23, 2010) The United Nations health agency on Monday mapped out what countries can do, including raising more funds and spending it more efficiently, to ensure that everyone who needs health care, can have access to it despite rising costs. The World Health Organization,WHO notes that Governments worldwide are struggling to pay for health care, which is rising as populations get older, as more people suffer chronic diseases, and as new and more expensive treatments appear. WHO says that in countries which depend heavily on people paying directly for services at the point of delivery, health bills push 100 million people into poverty each year. In its annual World Health Report, the agency shows how all countries, rich and poor, can adjust their health financing mechanisms, so more people get the health care they need. It highlights three key areas where change can happen – raising more funds for health, raising money more fairly, and spending it more efficiently.
“No one in need of health care should have to risk financial ruin as a result,” said WHO Director General Margaret Chan. “The report sets out a stepwise approach. We encourage every country to act on this and do at least one thing to improve health financing and increase health coverage over the coming year.”

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