2010-11-23 15:46:29

More space for spiritual formation in Catholic schools in India

(Novwember 23, 2010) The Bishops Conference of North East India has asked all Catholic schools in Assam to give due importance to spiritual formation and to accept the applications of all Catholic students in the neighbourhood. The recent appeal was launched by the Conference’s North Eastern Education Commission, NEEC. Sister Elizabeth George, joint NEEC secretary, said: "Faith formation and spiritual formation in schools should have a place of prime importance. This would imply creating space for catechetical instruction in every Catholic school”. Noting that we live in times of rapid economic and social change, which impact the lifestyle and even the faith dimension of the people, she said that we are at the same time privileged to have in our hands a powerful tool, that of Catholic education with its inherent values and its spiritual and pastoral dimension. Explaining that the NEEC conducts training courses for educators of faith, particularly for the benefit of Catholic schools, Sr. George invited everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to train teachers for faith education, and make them effective messengers of Christian values.
Fr. V. M. Thomas, NEEC secretary, said that Catholic schools, in particular, afford the opportunity to meet young people in an environment which favours their Christian formation. He said "All our students live a personalized faith in God and with mutual respect, celebrate cultural and religious diversity. We are motivating the students to stand for truth, justice, peace and probity to build a new India", the priest added.

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