2010-11-20 13:23:44

Twenty Four Future Cardinals Prepare for Big Day with Prayer\

(November 20, 2010) The twenty four men who received the cardinal's hat on Saturday spent today gathered in reflection and prayer, looking together at key themes facing the Church today, including religious freedom and the sex abuse scandal. Close to 150 cardinals came together for the reflection day. Pope Benedict XVI began the morning with them and the future cardinals. The morning session dealt with two themes: the situation of and new challenges for religious freedom, and the liturgy in the life of the Church today. After lunch the discussion was on norms for welcoming Anglicans who request to be admitted to the Catholic Church, and for defending victims of child abuse by members of the clergy. Another theme, the validity of "Dominus Iesus" on Jesus Christ our only Saviour, published 10 years ago was introduced by Archbishop Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for Saints' Causes. The 24 nominated cardinals received this dignity in a ceremony on Saturday that began at 10:30 a.m. It followed a new rite established in 1991. After a liturgical greeting, the Pope read the formula of creation, and solemnly proclaimed the names of the new cardinals. Archbishop Angelo Amato greeted the Pope on behalf of all cardinals. This was followed by the Liturgy of the Word, the Pope's homily, the profession of faith and the taking of the oath by each cardinal. Each new cardinal then approached the Holy Father and knelt before him to receive the cardinal's biretta and was assigned a title or deaconry. This was followed by a kiss of peace. And the rite concluded with the Prayer of the Faithful, the recitation of the Our Father and the final blessing. On Sunday, the Holy Father will concelebrate a mass with them and give them the cardinal’s ring. Among the new cardinals is Sri Lankan Archbishop Ranjith Malcolm of Colombo, the only Asian. With the new cardinals the total number worldwide will be 203 with 121 electors.

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