2010-11-18 14:07:16

Pope Benedict XVI Address to the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity

(November 18, 2010) In recent years, the Pontifical Council has undertaken among others, in a larger project, known as the Harvest Project, for an initial review of goals achieved in the theological dialogues with the main Ecclesial Community since the Second Vatican Council. It is a valuable work that has highlighted both areas of convergence, as we need to continue to deepen our reflection,” said Pope Benedict XVI. He was addressing the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in Rome on Thursday, as they gathered to reflect on the theme "Towards a new era of ecumenical dialogue." The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity is associated with the Second Vatican Council founded in 1960 to engage in the contemporary ecumenical movement. The Pontiff said that today some people think that theological research in the service of the path to unity has lost its momentum, especially in the West and there is the urgency to revive interest in ecumenical unity and give new guidelines to the spirit of dialogue. Ecumenical activity, said the Pope has a double movement. On the one hand, research convinced, passionate and determined to find all unity in truth, to devise models of unity, and remove all opposition to light and dark spots in order to achieve that unity. On the other hand, another operative movement, which arises from the firm knowledge that we do not know the time for the realization of unity among the disciples of Christ and we can not know, as it depends on divine providence in the Trinitarian dialogue of love. In conclusion the Pope spoke words of encouragement to continue in their work and application to render their help to the Bishop of Rome in fulfilling his mission of Ecumenical Unity.

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