2010-11-16 15:38:26

80 million Bibles printed in China

(November 16, 2010) The only company authorized to print Bibles in China on Monday reached a milestone when it printed its 80 millionth copy. The number means China has become one of the biggest Bible publishers in the world, said Qiu Zhonghui, chairman of Amity Printing Co. at a ceremony in the eastern city of Nanjing, which was attended by government officials and overseas church leaders. Christian groups say that demand exceeds supply. Amity Printing is a joint venture between China's Amity Foundation and the United Bible Societies. Since its founding in 1988 the company has only published the Bible and it now produces 1 million copies per month. "The production of 80 million copies of the Bible can be attributed to the world of Chinese Christians, and even more to the country's reform and its policy of increased openness," Zhonghui said. About a quarter of the bibles printed in the world today are made in China. However, importing religious books without government authorities’ permission is still illegal. Amity publishes more than 50 editions of the Bible, including Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Braille and Chinese ethnic languages. It has exported more than 26 million Bibles to over 60 countries, about one third of its total production.

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