2010-11-15 16:14:07

Pope meets Italian ski instructors

(November 15, 2010) Progress in scientific and technological sectors has given man the possibility to intervene and manipulate nature, but the risk that is always lurking behind is that of wanting to substitute the Creator and reduce creation to almost a product of use and consumption. Pope Benedict gave the warning on Monday while talking to a delegation of Italian ski instructors led by External Affairs minister Franco Frattini. The Pope said that the right attitude would be to have a profound sentiment of gratitude and recognition, and responsibility in safeguarding and nurturing God’s creation. He said sports helps in pursuing these objectives influencing a lifestyle that aims at equilibrium, self-discipline and respect. And this particularly true of skiers who are in close contact with nature. The Pope spoke about the role of sports in the harmonious development and moral perfection of the person. He pointed out that ski instructors contribute in this, for example, in helping individuals to be constant in pursuing their goals, respecting rules and to overcome difficulties in achieving their objectives. Taking up sports with passion and an ethical sense leads to a healthy competiion, thus becoming a school of learing and imbibing human and Christian values. Pope Benedict made use of the meeting with Frattini to thank the Italian government for its generosity in treating a group of Iraqi Catholics who were injured in the terrorist attack in a catholic church in Baghdad on Oct. 31.

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