2010-11-15 16:13:27

Pope meets another group of Brazilian bishops

(November 15, 2010) Pope Benedict XVI on Monday met a group of Brazilian bishops and urged their Catholics be points of reference in their society. The bishops from Brazil’s centre-west region are in Rome on their so-called ‘ad limina’ visit, which heads of dioceses are required to make every 5 years or so to report on the state of their jurisdiction. The Pope said that bishops are expected to orientate the people’s conscience in order to find just solutions to the new problems that arise from social and cultural changes. Pointing to the role of bishops’ conferences the Holy Father underscored the importance of communion between bishops and the Pope, just as between pastors and the faithful. In today’s secularized society, the Pope said, there is a need for a renewed witness to the Gospel on the part of Christians, and the importance of an evangelizing action of the Church in the creation of a Brazilian identity. The Brazilian bishops’ conference is preparing to mark its 60th anniversary soon and the Pope stressed that it be a point of reference for the Brazilian society. And the first witness that is expected of those who announce the Word of God is reciprocal love. The Pope also pointed to other issues that are particularly delicate, such as the promotion and protection of faith and morals, the care of vocations, ecumenism, the defence of human life, the sacredness of the family, the right of parents to educate their children, human rights as well as religious freedom, peace and social justice.

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