2010-11-11 16:09:41

Pope encourages G-20 Summit to resolve crisis

(November 11,2010) : Pope Benedict XVI has urged the Group of 20 world leaders to find lasting, sustainable and just solutions to the global economic crisis. The Pope stated this in a message sent to Korean President Lee Myung-bak on the occasion of the two-day G-20 summit, which began Thursday in Seoul, South Korea.
The Pontiff acknowledged that this 6th summit seeks solutions to complex questions, on which the future of upcoming generations depends and which therefore require the cooperation of the entire international community. The Pope said "The Catholic Church, in accordance with its specific nature, regards itself as involved and shares the concerns of the leaders, who will take part in the Seoul Summit." He encouraged them to tackle the numerous serious problems facing them and seek lasting, sustainable and just solutions.
Pope Benedict hoped that the solutions adopted, are aimed at reaching the authentic and integral development of man. "The world's attention focuses on you," stated the Pope, "and it expects that appropriate solutions will be adopted to overcome the crisis, with common agreements, which will not favour some countries at the expense of others."
The Pope stressed that it is decisive for the very future of humanity to show the world and history that today, thanks also to this crisis, man has matured to the point of being able to recognize that civilizations and cultures, like economic, social and political systems, can and must converge in a shared vision of human dignity, which respects the laws and requirements placed in it by God ."

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