2010-11-09 15:33:19

Tibet is an environmental and a cultural issue, says Dalai Lama

(November 09,2010) Buddhist religious leader Dalai Lama told the world that it is in their interest to save Tibet’s environment and culture now under threat form Chinese policies. He made the call at the 6th International Conference of “Tibet Support Groups” that opened in Surajkund, near New Delhi on Friday. Several participants from around the world expressed their solidarity with the Tibetan people, and hoped for better relations with the leaders of China. Tibet’s spiritual leader, in his address at the conference, focused on the possible consequences of current Chinese policies. He noted that about a billion people depend on rivers that flow out of Tibet. Citing Chinese scientists, who have dubbed the Tibetan plateau as the Third Pole, he said that it is as important to the earth’s environment, as the North and South Poles. Based on scientific, not political considerations, the Dalai Lama said that China and all other countries that depend on Tibetan water, must preserve his country’s environmental balance. Instead, the latter is being threatened by Chinese economic policies, including large-scale hydroelectric development, he added.
A number of foreign dignitaries attended the week-long conference’s opening session on Friday.
In his address, former Indian Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani praised the “Tibet Support Groups.” At the same time, he called on China to engage in a sincere dialogue with the Dalai Lama, and recognise the legitimate aspirations of the Tibetan people. Greetings reached the conference from around the world.

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