2010-11-09 15:17:55

Stress Gospel values in an age that is spiritually drifting, says Pope

(November 09,2010) Pope Benedict XVI exhorted the Bishops of Italy to take liturgy, as the perennial source of education for a good Christian life based on the Gospel, as it introduces an encounter with Jesus Christ. The Pope’s message was addressed to Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, that is currently holding its 62nd General Assembly at Assisi, in Italy’s central Umbrian Region. The Pope noted that St. Francis of Assisi totally conformed to the teachings of Christ. But just like our times, said the Pope, even the period in which St. Francis lived was marked by profound cultural changes, helped by the emergence of universities, development in social fields and the spread of new religious experiences. The Pope noted that a crises of faith exists even today, and it is not sufficient to follow general outline of the liturgy, what is needed is a sound education, an education that comes also from the family.
Modern man said the Pope, has invested much energy in the development of science and technology, achieving significant goals. This progress, however, has also made morality a subjective issue and removed God from public conscience. For this reason, it is essential that the Church in Italy is careful to interpret what is happening in the world today, so as to understand the demands and desires of man and renew the commitment to work with profound dedication, making available the Good News of the Gospel for the welfare of society today and for the good of future generations.

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