2010-11-05 14:29:00

Pope urges Brazilian bishops to nurture religious life

(November 5, 2010) Religious life is an essential part of the Church and will always remain so because it is something willed by Jesus Himself. Pope Benedict made the point on Friday while talking to a group of some 25 bishops from Brazil who are on their so-called ‘ad limina’ visit to Rome to report on the situation of their dioceses. “Given the decline of members in many religious institutes and their aging, evident in some parts of the world, some may wonder if consecrated life is still a proposal capable of attracting young men and women,” the Pope said. “But consecrated life as such originated with the Lord himself who chose for himself this way of living chaste, poor and obedient,” the Pope argued. “Therefore consecrated life can never die or be missing from the Church because it was willed by Jesus himself as an indelible part of His Church.” Pope Benedict thus urged for greater commitment, pastoral care and promotion of vocations from bishops, priests, religious as well as laity saying consecrated life is an asset of the whole Church. He urged for renewal of religious life both at the initial state and successive stages, saying that the gradual assimilation of the sentiments of Christ has to last a lifetime to pervade the whole person.

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